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Please write a Manager to manager Grub (Splashscreen, Resolution, etc.), Usplash and Bootsplash (usr/share/pixmaps/splash/ubuntu-slick.png).

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Well I was messing with it and I pretty much got a small python program that will change the splashimage for grub (that sounds like what this request is about), although if there isn't one already I only know how to tack the command on the end and I don't think that would actually work, no idea what the rest of the description means, but I'm here and willing to help. -BaderS

I can help. I can make an interface and such... I'd like some help, though, with usplash. Do you have to reinstall the kernel to make that change? I had a hard time, I remember, changing my usplash the one time did. But I'd love to help and get some solid Python practice. --Tina K.R. (and thanks, Bader, for the GRUB splash editor thingy, could you share that with us? Of course, maybe you already did and I didn't notice... sorry... new to Launchpad...)

I made an interface and some Python code (just GUI code, now I need to write the actual... program...), using Glade and SPE. Ummm... what's a good way to post it here? Should I upload it to Launchpad as a project and link it here, or is there a better way? --Tina K.R. (7.1.2007)

Oooh! Oooh! I've made a very nice demo for a splashscreen changer for GRUB. I think it looks good and I'm really happy with it. However, it still needs new features and demands your unrelenting scrutiny. I'll look into sharing it with y'alls (help would be great!). It's not quite ready for prime-time... buttons don't work, and right now it just changes a safely-quarantined copy of my menu.lst file instead of the genuine article. But, it's very pretty and I'd love to share it. It's my first big Python project, so I'm happy. --Tina K.R. (7.1.2007)

I don't know how we can share our files, it seems like all of us have done basicly the same thing (I have no idea how to change usplash), probably different ways, what I did was I opened the file, searched for "splashimage" already being in there, if it was I replace that line with the new splashimage line, if it's not I append my line (which goes on the end and I'm not sure if that would work, though I could test it, I know enough about wx.Python to write a gui for this if you guys want, and let me know if there's a way to share these files, even if just with email, I'd love to see other approaches to this problem. - BaderS

Just figured out how to get the splashimage to the begining instead of the end, I was using readlines to get the entire file into a list (I know there's an easier way, I just don't know how to do it), then I used append and writelines, I just realized if I use writeline instead of append then it puts the splashimage line at the start, working on GUI now, I can have it done real fast. -BaderS

War har! I finally got a branch up and running. The program I wrote, called "TinaSplash," is located here: The main development branch is here: And, you can browse the code here: --Tina K.R. (7.4.2007)

Have you tried Startup-manager (sum)? It is very nice, although I have just glimpsed over the code (in python). It is maintained, and works with only some small flaws in feisty. - Miguel Gaspar (08.04.2007)

Startup Manager really seems to be what Ubuntu needs: made for Debian (so it doesn't mess all our config), actively developed, and quite exhaustive in the options. Maybe it could be though of for inclusion in Hardy? - Milan
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startupmanager is part of ubuntu since gutsy


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