Ubuntu Kernel Delta Review

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Review of the current Ubuntu Kernel delta. This session will look at the current delta comprised of both patches to the core and the ubuntu specific drivers. The aim is to record what we are carrying, review the reasons for that component(s) to be carried, and recommend replacements, updates, cleanups, upstreaming etc of those components.

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Pete Graner
Leann Ogasawara
Leann Ogasawara
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Accepted for maverick
Good progress
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milestone icon ubuntu-10.10
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Leann Ogasawara

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The majority of the work items are complete. None of the remaining items are release critical and should be on track to complete by beta.

Work items for maverick-alpha-1:
[leannogasawara] Drop ecfcdf2 UBUNTU: staging/go7007 -- disable: DONE
[leannogasawara] Drop 04c9539 UBUNTU: [Config] staging/winbond -- disable:DONE
[chasedouglas] Drop a3ce60d UBUNTU: SAUCE: Don't register vga16fb framebuffer if other framebuffers are present:DONE
[chasedouglas] Drop 63da13e UBUNTU: SAUCE: Disable function tracing after hitting schedule_bug:DONE
[leannogasawara] Drop e9c6db3 UBUNTU: Disable 4MB page tables for Atom, work around errata AAE44 in favor of upstream commit id 7a0fc404ae66:DONE
[leannogasawara] Drop cca014d UBUNTU: SAUCE: sync before umount to reduce time taken by ext4 umount in favor of upstream fix:DONE
[leannogasawara] Drop 0990173 UBUNTU: SAUCE: Enable an e1000e Intel Corporation 82567 Gigabit controller:DONE
[leannogasawara] Drop 7da19fb UBUNTU: SAUCE: Created MODULE_EXPORT/MODULE_IMPORT macros:DONE
[leannogasawara] Drop e7a2b3c UBUNTU: SAUCE: input/mouse/alps: Do not call psmouse_reset() for alps:DONE
[leannogasawara] Drop fa85688 UBUNTU: SAUCE: r8169: disable TSO by default for RTL8111/8168B chipsets:DONE
[leannogasawara] Drop fc79b24 UBUNTU: [Upstream] b43: Declare all possible firmware files.:DONE
[leannogasawara] Drop e0f61cb UBUNTU: add Breaks: against hardy lvm2:DONE
[leannogasawara] Drop (and see who screams) 0a64e18 UBUNTU: SAUCE: Guest OS does not recognize a lun with non zero target id on Vmware ESX Serve:DONE
[leannogasawara] Drop 9e5f474 UBUNTU: SAUCE: Catch nonsense keycodes and silently ignore:DONE
[leannogasawara] compcache: get userspace confirmed as fixed wrt to new semantics and if so drop:DONE
[leannogasawara] iscsitarget -- update to version 1.4.20:DONE
[timg-tpi] ndiswrapper -- update to version 1.56:DONE
[brad-figg] Address assigned set of Ubuntu Patches:DONE
[chasedouglas] Address assigned set of Ubuntu Patches:DONE
[chasedouglas] Chase to investigate, did this get a generic upstream mode, and remember to convert userspace first: 2e04f7f UBUNTU: SAUCE: trace: add trace events for open(), exec() and uselib():DONE

Work items for maverick-alpha-2:
[leannogasawara] Post to ml for additional discussion - 0ec500e UBUNTU: SAUCE: Add MODULE_ALIAS for Dell WMI module:DONE
[leannogasawara] Discuss on #ubuntu-kernel 5a78bd7 UBUNTU: SAUCE: hostap: send events on data interface as well as master interface:DONE
[leannogasawara] Upstream c4f1d8a UBUNTU: SAUCE: ipw2200: Enable LED by default else add quirk to module-init-tools:DONE
[leannogasawara] Upstream 8e77956 UBUNTU: SAUCE: drivers: Remove some duplicate device entries in various modules:DONE
[leannogasawara] Upstream f6ad91e UBUNTU: SAUCE: Make CONFIG_{OMNIBOOK, AVERATEC_5100P, PACKARDBELL_E5} depend on X86:DONE
[apw] update AUFS only if unable to use union-mounts:DONE
[apw] Address assigned set of Ubuntu Patches:DONE
[manjo] Address assigned set of Ubuntu Patches:DONE

Work Items for maverick-alpha-3:
[apw] update AUFS post alpha-2 as we are unable to use union-mounts:DONE

Work items for ubuntu-10.10-beta:
[leannogasawara] re-checking ubuntu/ drivers and update if needed:DONE
[jeremyfoshee] post CFT to lp bugs using an ubuntu/ driver:DONE

Work items for ubuntu-10.10:
[apw] Track upstreaming of sub-set of assigned set of Ubuntu Patches:POSTPONED


Work Items

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