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Jonathan Riddell
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Jonathan Riddell
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Accepted for quantal
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milestone icon ubuntu-12.10-beta-1
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Kate Stewart

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owncloud 4 in from debian but doesn't auto-setup mysql and doesn't run setup even once mysql is done manually


Work Items

Work items:
[kubuntu-dev] package Qt 5 based on ~canonical-qt5-edgers (final release expected in August): INPROGRESS
[kubuntu-dev] ensure Qt 5 wayland plugin works: TODO
[jr] package akonadi-facebook support: DONE
[jr] package libkolab: DONE
[echidnaman] package libkgapi: DONE
[kubuntu-dev] package webaccounts: POSTPONED
[jr] include Calligra in Alpha images, decide on inclusion before beta: INPROGRESS
[jr] create meta-packages to replace language packs: DONE
[kubuntu-dev] automate KDE SC packaging: DONE
[kubuntu-dev] package KDE SC 4.9: DONE
[kubuntu-dev] package Qt 4.8.2: DONE
[kubuntu-dev] package Oxygen font: DONE
[kubuntu-dev] make daily builds of Qt media hub: POSTPONED
[kubuntu-dev] investigate klook for packaging - requires dolphin patches of questionable quality and is not in dolphin master, hence not viable: DONE
[jr] install wacom kcm by default: DONE
[jr] install kamoso by default: DONE
[kubuntu-dev] investigate kde touchpad enabler for packaging/inclusion - find out what exactly this means and what it does and bleh: POSTPONED
[kubuntu-dev] packaqe OwnCloud 4: DONE
[jr] package owncloud-client, ensure it works with SSL and appears in k-menu: DONE
[kubuntu-dev] ensure OwnCloud juju charm works, investigate possible GUI: TODO
[jr] investigate colord kde: DONE
[jr] consider adding skanlite by default: DONE
[kubuntu-dev] package afiestas' first boot bluetooth keyboard app and integrate with live CD: TODO
[kubuntu-dev] investigate changing libreoffice to gtk with oxygen theme: DONE
[kubuntu-dev] file and track bug for CD drive spinning when using file open dialogue: DONE
[apachelogger] package tomahawk (if at all possible due to deps): INPROGRESS
[kubuntu-dev] figure out what to do about translations now that we're in Universe: DONE
[kubuntu-dev] deal with Kubuntu unique strings including ScottK's added konsole string: TODO

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