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Dev work items for the Qt part

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Alf Gaida from Siduction already packaged LXQt, Qterminal and maybe some other stuff, have a look at
[gilir] That's nice, but it should be nice to have them under the lxde git umbrella, like the gtk ones. Also, I didn't check them all, but at least, having a -qt5 in every packages is not very nice, and IMO should not be used (qt4 is dropped in git anyway, nobody want to use a qt4 version).
[joern-schoenyan] I actually thought the same about that -qt5 suffixes. But I guess we could talk to Alf / the Siduction-LxQt team. Both teams could profit when we work together!
[gilir] Yes, if we can work all together, everyone will benefit form this
[joern-schoenyan] Kubuntu seem to work on Ubiquity-Qt5 as a GSoC project:


Work Items

Work items:
Set up a team for packaging lxqt in Debian / Ubuntu / Any .deb distro (Talk to siduction peopl and lxde mailing list - some people did some packaging work): DONE
Figure out Qt applications, see INPROGRESS
Fix linked bugs: TODO
[gilir] List missing icons from lxqt components in lubuntu-artwork icon set (mostly done, will see after the 1st wave of new icons what's missing): DONE
Port ubiquity-kde to something more Qt5 and less kde-dependant: INPROGRESS
Apply custom configuration to sddm: TODO
Autologin on live ISO for sddm (check with KDE guys for a casper hook): TODO
Port lxqt-session-config to lxsession: TODO
Add language support - resurect language-selector-kde and port it to python3 / Qt5 (see INPROGRESS
Implement indicator support on lxqt-panel: TODO

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