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Devs work items for 16.04

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Julien Lavergne
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Proposed for xenial
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Staging PPA for all uploads :

For python3:
 - Replace LSC by appgrid
 - blueman need to be update
 - ...

For update-notifier :

Brendan For freeing up space ncdu with an interactive ncurses interface works on alternates but not desktop isos. Removing the desktop seed might break oem config from alternate installer. Which I doubt is used often.
2. there are several open bugs LP 1252421,

And more for abiword and gnumeric maybe create a metapackage not installed by defualt that brings in the docs for these office programs file roller and evince that would be easy to point users in irc to if they want offline docs.


Work Items

Work items:
[gilir] Migrate LSC to python3 (see lp:~lubuntu-dev/lubuntu-software-center/python3): DONE
[gilir] Get ride of gksu by default: TODO
[gilir] Get ride of gconf by default: TODO
[gilir] Package and upload appgrid to a testing PPA: TODO
Decide to keep LSC or to push appgrid: TODO
List modifications for getting ride of python2 by default (at least, it needs to remove or porting LSC): TODO
Replace update-notifier upstart script by systemd script (see LP: #1493518): TODO
[gilir] Experiement on rewritten update-notifier to make it less RAM hungry: TODO
[gilir] Remove the depends on desktop seed for lubuntu seed, to see if we can find some Mb on the ISO: TODO
[gilir] Review other flavors default settings to see if there is some interesting items: TODO
[gilir] Review other flavors ISO to see if there is some interesting items: TODO
Review patches on Sourceforge / github for LXDE: TODO
[gilir] Fix lxsession loop at startup: TODO
Rebase all default settings on upstream base setting file: TODO
Add LXDE in OnlyShowIn=XFCE of xfce4-notifyd desktop file (bug to file) : TODO
Optional - Make a lxde-about: TODO
Investigate adding pulseaudio by default (how much memory usage vs how many bugs it fixes): TODO

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