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The desktop experience team would benefit from having Checkbox run some tests on a regular basis to evaluate the performance of the desktop.

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Marjo F. Mercado
Marc Tardif
Marc Tardif
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Accepted for lucid
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milestone icon ubuntu-10.04-beta-1
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Marjo F. Mercado

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The goal is to be able to gather performance metrics for the different parts of the desktop we're targeting.

As a first step, the kind of information that bootchart provides would help us. ie being able to trace i/o and cpu usage.
We'd like the samples to be gathered on real HW, similar to the set of reference HW currently monitored by the QA team.
Optionally, we'd like to run an extra set of tests, to simulate basic user operations and gather performance results for these. i/o and cpu metrics being the base. We're also thinking of collecting specific performance metrics by instrumenting applications directly, so the system should be able to support the collection of these extra metrics.
We'd like to get access to the information remotely, preferably through a plain HTTP/S GET operation, to automate the production of metrics.
We'd like to have dashboards to control that we're making progresses in improving the performance of the desktop, or at least that we're not going over a certain threshold.

Work items: lucid-alpha-3
[cr3] Extract CPU- and I/O-data provided by bootchart: POSTPONED to lucid-beta-1
[cr3] Improve test reporting for boot times: POSTPONED to lucid-beta-1

Work items:
[cr3] Add DX PPA when testing and reboot if new packages are discovered: DONE
[cr3] Enable the DX team to integrate new tests during the course of the release: DONE

Work items lucid-beta-1:
[cr3] Extract CPU- and I/O-data provided by bootchart: DONE
[cr3] Improve test reporting for boot times: DONE


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