Move CD Booting to grub2/gfxterm

Registered by Duncan McGreggor

GRUB should now support booting from CDs reliably, and its new graphical menu system was designed partly with the aim of being able to implement our CD menus. If successful, this would be easier to maintain than gfxboot.

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Robbie Williamson
Colin Watson
Needs approval
Colin Watson
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Accepted for oneiric
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Work items:
Consult upstream on new gfxmenu facilities: DONE
Prepare simple bootable GRUB CDs for wide community testing, and run them through the certification lab: POSTPONED
Implement menu bar widgets: POSTPONED
Implement menu function binding: POSTPONED
Implement checkbox widget: POSTPONED
Implement boot menu item submenus: DONE
Implement language menu: POSTPONED
Implement keymap menu: POSTPONED
Implement accessibility menu: POSTPONED
Implement other options menu: POSTPONED
Convert branding images to appropriate format for each supported derivative: POSTPONED
Integrate GRUB image building into debian-installer: POSTPONED
[ev] Handle GRUB images in usb-creator: POSTPONED
Write loopback.cfg: DONE
Review BIOS workarounds in ISOLINUX: POSTPONED
Switch cdimage over to GRUB: POSTPONED

2010-07-15 cjwatson: Deferred from maverick. I'm a bit disappointed about this, but there's just no way I'm going to get it done in time, and this component is important enough that we can't afford to botch it. For the purposes of foundations-m-uefi-support, I'll provide GRUB as a secondary boot loader, which won't have a graphical theme, thus avoiding most of the difficult parts of this specification.

2011-02-22 cjwatson: Unfortunately I've once again had to defer this from natty. Hopefully next time!


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