Differentiating Certification from Platform QA/Testing

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Certification testing is an activity done to validate that Ubuntu works on a specific hardware, while Platform testing is an activity done to improve the quality of the platform.

At the moment these two test activities are quite entangle. What should be the test scope of certification?

Some questions to consider:
* should certification only cover functionality that is impacted by Hardware enablement
* should certification be at a component or system level
* what are guidelines that allow us to determine if a test activity is part of platform testing or certification
* What part should certification play on pre-release testing (for example daily test runs)

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Daily Testing for platform builds
 * who's responsible for triaging results? - Owner: Platform QA
 * who's responsible for framework failures? - Platform QA will ping someone in HW Cert
Regression testing of SRUs
 * Owner: Platform QA
Boot metrics
 * Owner: Platform QA responsible for relaying results
 * Owner: HW Cert responsible for the tooling/scripts
Weekly Release meeting reporting
 * Owner: Platform QA
delegating test cases between teams
 -- Application tests vs hardware tests
 * Owner: HW tests - HW Cert
 * Owner: Application tests - Platform QA
Checkbox Maintenance
 * Owner: HW Cert
Test Development
 * Owner: Shared between both teams
  - eg. HW specific tests owned by HW Cert

Lab management
 -- Access Control - Owner: HWCert
 -- Hardware acquisition/maintenance - Owner: HW Cert

Issuing Certs - Owner: HWCert
3C / Webbapps maintenance - Owner: HW Cert
Unity testing
 * Platform QA is putting together testplan for Natty Release
 * Likely shared ownership for actual testing, ie parallel efforts

How can JFo deliver bugs to QA to develop tests?
 * Likely work with HW Cert
 * The kernel team knows better about kernel tests. There has to be communication
   between both.
 * If the kernel team can't create the test, at least the needed information to write one.

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