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Talk about backports, including joining the backports team.

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Kate Stewart
Evan Broder
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Accepted for quantal
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 - Pre-release backports
   * Needs easy LP patch. Needs someone to write tests
   * Needs bot to watch for release/backports skew
  * Concerns: archive skew within the backports pocket
 - Backports can't build-depend on other backports -
  - packages can depend just fine because apt is smart
- Need more people using them
  - Blog posts?
Treat -backports pocket as the release pocket for next release,
 - backports needs to be strictly ahead (in version number)
 - backports should have ~quantal1 (or whatever code name), and then when we forward port them we increment the changelog and drop the final tilda in the version history (they get rebuilt at this time as well)
 - User experience of installing them?
   - software center does the right thing here (prompts when there are multiple versions, although possibly not the most intelligible prompt),
   - apt-get could have some UI to suggest the package is coming from one of multiple options (coloring?) -- may be useful for security/proposed updates too.
   - apt-url doesn't quite allow for explicit backport links


Work Items

Work items:
[laney] Update rebackporter bot to generate report on packages in backports that need to be updated: INPROGRESS
[stefanor] Figure out why #993296 has duplicate reverse deps: DONE
[broder] Buy mvo a beer: POSTPONED
[broder] Recommend using pkg/pocket instead of -t pocket: DONE
[broder] Update docs to cover new software-center backports feature: TODO
[scottritchie] Talk to mvo about command-line UI: TODO
[scottritchie] Also talk to mvo about apt:// urls and backports: TODO
[ajmitch] Fix Launchpad for pre-release backports: DONE
[jonathan] Draw flowchart of where packages should go (ARB/backports/archives/debian/ppa/etc.), turn it into a nice web wizard once we reach some kind of consensus on that: POSTPONED
[broder] Document how to join backporters: TODO

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