Improving infrastructure for Ubuntu Flavors

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Are there any infrastructure changes would help the Ubuntu Flavors and their communities with development and test?

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Kate Stewart
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milestone icon ubuntu-12.10-beta-2
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Kate Stewart

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Purpose: Discussion about pain points, and brainstorming on how to make Ubuntu infrastructure a more effective for the flavors


- topic view and team
   - works really great for tracking work items!
   - would like to be able to reset the graph.
   - proper support for milestones.
   - making sure that getting list for individuals for team
     (community member gets item in blueprint)
     (assignee getting all the remaining items)

- mythbuntu and xubuntu were broken for auto testing through the cycle - net install issue.

- new iso tracker, education still needed.
  - notification for first boot, and add to tester. -- report results on tracker.
  - adopt an ISO - should we try to recruit subscribers for flavors? looking at subscribers. Extend way subscribe to test tracker future... (see iso tracker future).
  - xubuntu doing a lot of daily testing.
  - retesting actually working.

- documentation - in QA section of wiki.
    - checkbox

  - Milestones need to match in both in local-iso tracker, and weekly & final. but should not be overlapping.
  - Next cycle more testing.

  Hooking into translations - working fairly well. Hooking into langpacks (including Universe). SRUs for translations. KDE language packs. Signoff of image

- queue bots: publishing to team specific channel when images ready.
- Langpack content

UDS scheduling? - work with "other" track lead.

"derivative" vs "flavour" - official documentation needs to be cleaned up.
   * might expand page name to "flavors and derivatives"
   * the page might also point out that derivatives could include external distro based on ubuntu


Work Items

Work items:
[kate.stewart] check that all team have projectname-dev (mythbuntu?) and that team views work: DONE
[kate.stewart] pull in Chris Johnston discuss improvement suggestions from session for DONE
[superm1] mythbuntu - get autotesting working --> iso tracker on dailies - fix meta package bug: TODO
[slavender] ubuntu studio - get autotesting working --> add profile: INPROGRESS
[gilir] lubuntu - get autotesting working --> add profile, or work with stgraber: TODO
[xubuntu-dev] (micahg) xubuntu - get autotesting working --> iso tracker on dailies - fix bug: TODO
[stgraber] queuebot: add filters to post to flavor IRC channels of interest, when images on tracker.: DONE
[stgraber] package set changes, make visible in channel for flavors: packageset updates every hour with colin's script, any changes need to go there.: DONE
[stgraber] ubiquity - during alpha flag, have a pop up, and ask to report back to iso tracker, in ubiquity (report result click here...): POSTPONED
[kate.stewart] work with web teams to clean up references to "derivatives": TODO

Dependency tree

* Blueprints in grey have been implemented.