Update Manager Improvements

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Various improvements to update-manager:
- run inside screen on server mode ? or leave that to the admin? show message!
- ufw allow 9004 when run in server mode with additional ssh
- easier upgrades via usb key (update-notifier cdrom like media detection, part of apt-cdrom ?)
- automatic removal of demoted packages ? (e.g. xsane/simple-scan, f-spot/gthumb)
- better UI for demoted packages (part of the final screen)?
- slideshow
- morphing windows

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Robbie Williamson
Michael Vogt
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Michael Vogt
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Accepted for natty
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Robbie Williamson

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Work items:
use port 1022 for optional server sshd: DONE
add message about ufw/iptables allow 1022 if additional sshd is started (and close again after the upgrade finished/system restarts): DONE
check if running in screen on server upgrade and if not, restart inside screen (lp:~mvo/update-manager/use-screen-in-text-frontend): DONE
check how screen can be configured to not use "ctrl" keys inside a new upgrade session (-e \0\0): DONE
make the release-upgrade check if there is a running screen with "ubuntu-release-upgrader" label: DONE
document that server upgrades can easily be resumed this way: DONE
make upgrades via usb key easier (update-notifier media detection, v0.111ubuntu1 will detect usb keys with a copy of the alternate CD and offer to upgrade from it): DONE
[ev] add upgrade via reinstall and keep /home option more prominent: DONE
[mvo] provide evan with a python-apt application that can do dpkg --get-selection and resolved conflicts, check sources.list etc (lp:~mvo/+junk/apt-clone: DONE
[ev] support "keep package selection" on install that preserves /home: DONE
[design] redesign release-upgrader main window to make embedding the slide show easy: POSTPONED
[design] redesign for using morphing windows instead of dialogs: POSTPONED
get rid of popup dialogs and use inline information for cache open and restart required: DONE
add easy way to launch computer-janitor from u-m (needs design input): POSTPONED
before making the "upgrade now" button available check if internet is available: DONE
add chroot-mode that does not install a kernel/grub if missing: DONE
get rid of "demoted" dialog, move into main confirmation screen: DONE

Postponed design changes as we are now past UI Freeze - robbie.w[March 30]


Work Items

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