Build images that contain an armel preinstallation to dd to SD cards

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Due to the fact that we will support various armel hardware with maverick that doesnt have more than one disk like device we can not use the existing installer to install to a target device. To solve this problem preinstalled images will be produced which will configure the system on first boot to be identical to any other ubuntu installation.

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David Mandala
Oliver Grawert
Oliver Grawert
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Accepted for maverick
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milestone icon maverick-alpha-2
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Oliver Grawert
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Oliver Grawert

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asac: i propose to name it clown rather than jasper ... just because it's fun ;)
ogra: that might not be so well understood in non-german areas and i think the name casper originally inherited from ... if you look at the bottom:
"Casper is parodied in an episode of Robot Chicken in which he has a brother named Jasper "The Douchebag Ghost". Jasper is identical in appearance to Casper, but his personality and mannerisms are the opposite of Casper's. Instead of being friendly toward people, Jasper plays rude jokes on them" ... thats what made me pick that name ;)

Technical parts implemented, remaining documentation and post research topics until final release:
[persia] Research differences between actual debian-installer created targets and jasper created targets to minimize/avoid differnce
[ogra] Create documentation and/or scripts to replace the bootloader in the boot partition for using the images with all HW the kernel supports

Work Items:
[ogra] Create jasper (the little brother of casper) initramfs tool to do initial HW specific setup on first boot: DONE
[mcasadevall] Add livecd-rootfs support for using genext2fs/tune2fs to create ext3 images instead of a squashfs: DONE
[ogra] livecd-rootfs will be changed to install jasper instead of casper with a special commandline switch: DONE
[mcasadevall] Change armel+omap debian-cd scripts to create a two partition image with first partition being vfat with proper bootloader setup: DONE
[mcasadevall] Implement post-processing for pre-installed image in debian-cd: DONE
[mcasadevall] Add bzip2 compression option to debian-cd to image creation: DONE
[ogra] Make sure oem-config removes jasper after running and before recreating the initramfs: DONE
[ogra] first-pass review of differences between debian-installer created targets and jasper created targets to ensure working install: DONE
[ogra] Add necessary changes to flash-kernel to support the new setup (we handle the vfat like a fake NAND): DONE
[ogra] Add proper udev rules extension to udisks to hide the bootloader partition from running systems: DONE
Find proper naming for the new image and add it to the web indicies (proposal: maverick-netbook-preinst-$arch.img.bz2): DONE
[gruemaster] Develop test plan for pre-installed image testing on DONE


Work Items

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