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Discussing how to better organize the diverse set of teams within ubuntu and it's flavors dealing with QA.

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Jono Bacon
Nicholas Skaggs
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Accepted for quantal
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Nicholas Skaggs

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    Discuss Proposal

    Discuss feedback

    People who do calls for testing

      - People who do targetted testing (hardware, localisation)

    People who use the ISO tracker

      - People who do targetted testing (hardware, localisation)

    People who do cadence testing

      - People who do targetted testing (hardware, localisation)

    Test developers(?)

    Running: ISO testing, checkbox tests

    Let's organise in a way that people do not get burnt out

    Give feedback to the people doing testing about how much they contributed

    Quick outline of current team(s)


    Do we need to make new team(s)?

    don't need more teams

    Should be categorize the current teams into the structure?

    How can we communicate needs to disparate teams?

    communicate thru team leaders

focus and help make teams more semi-autonomous thru documentation
    need big picture documentation

    use accomplishments
    give away hardware
    sponsor to UDS
    give public notice (UDS?)
    give away SWAG
    use lp karma
        can lp tie into accomplishments?
        should isotracker/manual/any tests contribute to lp karma?
[Effenberg]What about offer a Ubuntu Membership program to testers? It would help team managers recruit/retain, motivate. Sort of what developers have.
    This should be totally possible today. Membership based on invovlement in QA will be much easier to prove as we go forward, but we as a community can vouch and help sponsor anyone in this position. Does this need to be better communicated or documented?
[Effenberg] Yes. Right now the Membership WIki page doesn't mention testing as a route to membership. I have guys that are testing since Karmic, and complain of never receiving even a thank you.
[Effenberg]Do all agree with the possibility of a route to membership for testers, i have posted right above?
could we provide feedback directly to teams about people's involvement?
after an apport crash, can we/should we offer someone to run further testcases?
create a hardware profile after installation
    if we don't have good tests on this, suggest they run thru system testing
    offer to submite there hardware profile
        be mindful of privacy

[Effenberg] Can we have the download page inform Ubuntu user that, if he is downloading a development release, he should go to www.something and learn about testing, join the testing effort? Wouldn't it be more marketable to have a message about testing right in the Download Page for the Development Release (than in the CD)?
don't forget about server focused testing
    lamp stack
    server related packages


Work Items

Work items:
[nskaggs] Add blog to ubuntu planet / QA team blog: DONE
[nskaggs] Organize community roundtable meeting to coordinate and meet with representatives from QA teams: DONE
[nskaggs] Remove inactive/invalid/uninterested people from ubuntu-testing team and establish expiration policy: DONE
[nskaggs] Add commercial engineering server qa team (mahmoh) to list of qa teams: DONE
[nskaggs] Convert list of qa teams on blog to qa wiki: DONE
[nskaggs] Formalize and document route to ubuntu membership via testing: DONE
[nskaggs] Setup meeting to discuss adding 'testing verbiage and link' to for development releases: DONE

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