Ubuntu QA Dashboard - 'S' Cycle

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Blueprint for tracking QA Dashboard work during the 'S' cycle.


[2013-05-15 doanac]: KPI wireframe ideas: http://people.canonical.com/~doanac/kpi.html
[2013-05-16 doanac]: KPI session notes: http://pad.ubuntu.com/uds-1305-qa-dashboard-kpi
[2013-05-16 doanac]: KPI architecture notes: http://pad.ubuntu.com/qa-dashboard-kpi-api

[2013-06-13 doanac]: recent requests:
  = bootspeed
     * show lowest baseline if its precise and not raring
     * show a graph based on released images to compare the daily results
        - ie milestone runs

     * acer-veriton-02 - stdev's high, we need to switch that out

 = filtering out utah usage from views
 = email notifications
 = json data export

[2013-06-14 cjohnston] Need to discuss at the next UDS the concept of adding releases to the dashboard so that we can disable data for releases that are no longer supported - [2013-08-06] Per convo with Gema, this is going to be delayed due to other changes that are coming.

Priority list:
Bug #1207205: Smoke builds need a new column for crashes
Graphics app
Bug #1201497: Provide data that smoke jobs are missing
Bug #1209161: Smoke testing KPI should report a result per type of variant
KPI for memory


Work Items

Work items:
package diffs from previous days build in smoke test yaml view: POSTPONED
[joetalbott] cleanup duplicated URLS such as '/api/memory/image/' and '/api/memory/image/arch/i386/': POSTPONED
[joetalbott] convert class properties to instance properties for JenkinsBaseCommand: POSTPONED
Clean up URL regex's and condense urls: POSTPONED
[joetalbott] Add previous week trending for memory process table: POSTPONED
[joetalbott] Add specific build flag for skipped_builds: POSTPONED
[joetalbott] Add 'REASON=blah' support to build description parsing in dashboard for non-bug failure reasons: POSTPONED
Move job regexes from common into their app: POSTPONED
Remove hard coded arches for loading views: POSTPONED
Remove hardcoded release names from job regexes: POSTPONED
Reorder view arguments to match urls: POSTPONED
Investigate sliding views for dygraphs: POSTPONED
Implement sliding views for dygraphs: BLOCKED
Start planning XUnit results: POSTPONED
[canonical-platform-qa] Create a view for bugs created by QA (max has a script): POSTPONED
Remove jquery/datatables code: BLOCKED
[nskaggs] Create specification for community KPIs: POSTPONED
[nskaggs] Create KPI for kernel: POSTPONED
[nskaggs] Create KPI for Display/Xorg/Mir: POSTPONED
[nskaggs] Create KPI for Unity: POSTPONED
[nskaggs] Create models and pull scripts for community projects (contriback): POSTPONED
[nskaggs] Create models and pull scripts for community results from isotracker (get_qatracker): POSTPONED
[nskaggs] Create models and pull scripts for community results from packagetracker (get_qatracker): POSTPONED
[nskaggs] Create models and pull scripts for community results from laptoptracker (get_qatracker): POSTPONED
[nskaggs] Create models and pull scripts for community bugs (get_bugs): POSTPONED
[nskaggs] Create models and pull scripts for community autopkg tests (get_autopkg): POSTPONED
[nskaggs] Create views for community projects (contriback): POSTPONED
[nskaggs] Create views for community results from isotracker (get_qatracker): POSTPONED
[nskaggs] Create views for community results from packagetracker (get_qatracker): POSTPONED
[nskaggs] Create views for community results from laptoptracker (get_qatracker): POSTPONED
[nskaggs] Create views for community bugs (get_bugs): POSTPONED
[nskaggs] Create views for community autopkg tests (get_autopkg): POSTPONED
[joetalbott] Make sure JenkinsBaseCommand does't parse all builds with '-d 1 -I': POSTPONED
[joetalbott] Add '-r' flag to JenkinsBaseCommand that doesn't skip builds with unchanged build descriptions: POSTPONED
[joetalbott] move JS out of smokeng/test_results.html and into js file: POSTPONED
bug #1214028 - Setup user preferences to decide which links to use: POSTPONED
bug #1214028 - Provide links for smokeng stuff based upon user preference: POSTPONED
Integrate memory measurement documentation into the dashboard: BLOCKED
[cjohnston] Work with the web team to get our assets on assets.ubuntu.com: BLOCKED
Add USS measurements to memory details page: POSTPONED
Create new memory view where testsuite data is not displayed: BLOCKED
[canonical-platform-qa] DKMS view as proposed by jibel: POSTPONED

Work items for ubuntu-13.05:
[cjohnston] Remove old un-needed, un-used code: DONE
[joetalbott] Convert error bars to be one standard deviation high: DONE
[cjohnston] Add testcase name to memory views (i.e. Idle, web-surfing, etc. from the job name): DONE
[joetalbott] Add build_description to Django model instances to reduce jenkins access load: DONE
[cjohnston] Add Google Analytics to dashboard code base: DONE
[cjohnston] Add Google Analytics ID to staging instance: DONE
[cjohnston] Work with IS to have Analytics ID added to production instance: DONE
[joetalbott] Add saucy support to dashboard pull scripts: DONE
[joetalbott] Change redirects to point to saucy: DONE
[joetalbott] Remove intermediate task overview page on image/upgrade flow: DONE
[joetalbott] Change min-max to std-dev: DONE
[cjohnston] Bug #1103380 Add breadcrumbs to views that are missing them: DONE
[cjohnston] Split urls.py into per app urls.py: DONE
[joetalbott] Add direct from the module class lists to list_items and clear_items: DONE
[cjohnston] create a KPI meeting for discussion at UDS: DONE
[doanac] Determine a way to optimize smoke: DONE
[joetalbott] Implement performance optimization of smoke page: DONE
[cjohnston] Consolidate bootspeed api functions into one function and pass which filter we need: DONE
[joetalbott] Refactor jenkins_pull_smoke: DONE
[cjohnston] bug #1182638 - investigate different charting options for doing stacked column charts: DONE
[joetalbott] Document how memory measurements are performed: DONE
[pwlars] add smoketest report for touch images: DONE
[cjohnston] disable power idle j_p: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.06:
list of smoke test cases and which one passed/failed before you actually link jenkins: DONE
[joetalbott] KPI for power - eventstat: DONE
[joetalbott] KPI for smoke: DONE
[joetalbott] Add release column to Bootspeed Image Bugs tables: DONE
[cjohnston] memory view navigation change: BLOCKED
[cjohnston] eventstat view navigation change: DONE
[cjohnston] bug #1182638 - implement stacked column memory charts using new charting tools: DONE
[cjohnston] Display machine name and machine type: DONE
[joetalbott] Pluginify the dashboard: DONE
[joetalbott] KPI page iteration 0 of smoke data: DONE
[cjohnston] Redo all url name's to be "<app_name>_<view_method>": DONE
[cjohnston] Get crons changed to run full update 2 times a day: DONE
[cjohnston] Remove old smoke code: DONE
[cjohnston] Refactor jenkins_pull_sru: DONE
[cjohnston] Convert SRU tables to django-tables: DONE
[cjohnston] Add support for only keeping the latest jenkins build results for sru: DONE
[cjohnston] Add combine view support to SRU: DONE
[cjohnston] Add ability to view all past SRU results: DONE
[cjohnston] Remove SRUResultLog from code: DONE
[gema] Come up with new navigation layout for eventstat: DONE
[cjohnston] Theme kpi page: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.07:
[joetalbott] Add memory event models: DONE
[joetalbott] Add memory event pull script: DONE
[joetalbott] Add memory event view table of run details: DONE
[cjohnston] KPI for bootspeed: DONE
[cjohnston] Implement KPI Importance sorting: DONE
[cjohnston] a view of YAML testcase results before going to jenkins in smoke: DONE
[cjohnston] Add support for only keeping the latest jenkins build results for smoke: DONE
[joetalbott] Setup staging to email devs with errors: DONE
[cjohnston] Fix errors email to qa-dashboard-notify@ about googlebot identified broken link: DONE
[cjohnston] create a link to autopackage testing: DONE
[joetalbott] Implement ability for plugins to provide their own urls: DONE
[joetalbott] Add support for plugins to define their own main navigation links: DONE
[joetalbott] Fix duplicate Smoke Test Cases: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.08:
[joetalbott] Fix duplicate SmokeResult objects: DONE
[cjohnston] Add ability to filter smoke results by variant: DONE
[joetalbott] Add memory event view table aggregated by image: INPROGRESS
[joetalbott] Add memory event view table of image runs split into events: INPROGRESS
[cjohnston] KPI for memory: POSTPONED
[cjohnston] add plugin ability to update code: DONE
[cjohnston] add plugin ability to run pull commands with proper time assigned: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.09:
[cjohnston] Investigate moving to django 1.5: DONE
[cjohnston] Make URLs in templates 'future' compatible: DONE
[cjohnston] bug #1201497 investigate django-rest-framework vs django-tastypie: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.10:
[cjohnston] Work with IS to switch production to django 1.5: DONE

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