AppArmor profile for firefox

Registered by Kees Cook

This is to discuss what is needed to build, test and deploy the AppArmor profiles needed to confine firefox sanely.

Blueprint information

Rick Clark
Jamie Strandboge
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Jamie Strandboge
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Proposed for karmic
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milestone icon karmic-alpha-6
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Jamie Strandboge
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Jamie Strandboge


* Introduction
 * Very popular
 * Attractive target for security research and exploitation
 * Apparmor confinement
  * firefox proper
  * extensions, add-ons, etc
* Target audience
 * default mode
  * could add notifications for confinement rejections, possibly via D-Bus
   * gui? directly in firefox?
 * policy considerations (lenient, strict, choice of one or the other?)
  * potential levels of confinement:
   * warnings-only
   * blacklist file access, run only out of /usr, ~/.mozilla
  * local profiles
   * can switch to a gpg profile within the firefox profile without needing to confine gpg in general
  * devel vs release modes
   * during devel leave complain mode on, then make decision about how to handle it for release
* Packaging
 * binary currently uses version number as part of the path which tends to make dealing with plugins and helper applications
 * options for how to ship the profile:
   * drop version elements in firefox path
   * profile alias file is updated by firefox, and referenced from the core profile
 * nervous about configuration files and upgrade prompts
  * potentially low-risk to ship a profile conf-file (very few people will edit it)
  * ship alias file as config-file, and split firefox profile itself into another profile
 * handle profile reloading more carefully
  * instead of doing an apparmor reload, perform just an "add" on the new profile so the old version is not detached from running firefox processes

* Plugin/add-on/helper management
 * sitting in .mozilla/
 * helper confinement transitions (may need to implement "switch to profile if it exists" profile mode)
 * generic helper launching could be limited to /usr and /usr/bin ("unconfined unless profile exists" -- see above)
 * possibly track helpers via audit rules

* Misc
 * general rule to audit all unexpected shadow or passwd read/writes
 * Earlier attempts at firefox confinement didn't have as many AA features to leverage
 * May be helpful to split apparmor syslog output to a separate /var/log output file (requires something better than sysklog)


Work Items