AppArmor upstream planning

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This session will be a place to discuss the direction of AppArmor upstream (and lightly, how it relates to Ubuntu). New features, changes, improvements, VCS processes, etc.

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Robbie Williamson
Kees Cook
Kees Cook
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Accepted for lucid
Good progress
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Kees Cook

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Feedback jdstrand 2010-02-04: techdoc.tex is shipped in source in parser/ and shipped as part of source, with it as the source for techdoc.pdf. While techdoc.tex doesn't have explicit licensing, the source code is GPL 2+ per LICENSE.

Work items:
[kees] investigate svn ignore stuff that got lost: DONE
[sbeattie] verify sources for techdoc and investigate if can redistribute: DONE
[jdstrand] clean up wiki documentation: POSTPONED
[sbeattie] find a release manager: POSTPONED
[sbeattie] clarify policies: POSTPONED

Work Items ubuntu-10.04:
[jjohansen] create wiki page and pull stuff from forge: DONE
[jjohansen] release tarballs and announce: DONE
[jjohansen] create devel mailing list: POSTPONED
[jjohansen] create roadmap: DONE

Gobby text:
AppArmor Upstream Organizational Meeting

- turn on firefox by default in lucid

Everything moved to launchpad
- some things got lost (svn ignore stuff)
 kees di it, needs to be checked
- merged Ubuntu dev and upstream dev branches (this is now trunk)
- ubuntu devel tree is currently totally in sync with the upstream, except for the debian/ directory

Where is trunk, where is 2.4? (this is kernel, need a stable userspace branch)
- make a branch from karmic and make it the 2.4 upstream userspace

Apparmor web space:
- need to release tarballs and announce
- need to make devel mailing lists somewhere, possibly
- wiki page (documentation) -- need to pull from forge and put somewhere else
- archives
- git
- repository
- need sources for techdoc so we can properly redistribute

Go through all the wiki documentation

Regular releases
- needs to happen
- get a release manager
- determine versioning
  - clean up
  - interface versioning (ie new kernels and ancient userspace)
  - af network mapping
  - need mapping for capabilities and rlimits
  - legacy support?
    - like to drop pcre stuff, but can't yet (if still in hardy)
    - SLES 10 < service pack 2 needs to support older logging. dfa is in hardy
      so could drop it (need to souble check some of the auditing stuff in hardy)

Planning Session
- need Roadmap
- discuss features
- hold off on feature development until in upstream kernel

Patching to Upstream
- post to mailing list before commit
  - ack code
  - ack reference profiles
  - make distro directory for abstractions (eg ubuntu/, opensuse/). These don't
    need ack by upstream
- commit privileges
  - two committed patches
- anything in Ubuntu should go to upstream (though, ideally go upstream first)
- codify how to release
- upstream
- can release a single tarball in launchpad


Work Items