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Juju Charms are the preferred way to deploy OpenStack on Ubuntu; we have a solid charm set from 12.04; these need updating and improving for 14.04

OpenStack and supporting charms for Ubuntu 14.04; incremental improvements to support easier third-party networking and storage integration.

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Patricia Gaughen
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James Page
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James Page
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James Page



John wants to deploy openstack using Juju; he's able to deploy the latest Icehouse release on the new Ubuntu LTS release using the charms from the charms store.

Jane is running an havana cloud on Ubuntu 12.04; she's able to upgrade to icehouse using the charms in the charm store.

Toby is deploying OpenStack with VMware; he's able to leverage compute and storage VMware resources using the charms from the charm store.

Bob wants to add heat and ceilometer to his existing havana deployment; he's able to deploy charms from the charm store to support this requirement.

James really like high unit testing coverage so he can review changes to charms effectively; he's really happy with the level of unit testing coverage in the nova-* and swift-proxy charms.

Dominic really hates MySQL; he's able to choose Postgresql as an alternative data store when deploying OpenStack using charms.

Icehouse support required in 12.04 charms to support cloud archive
Clean start for 14.04 charms, no upgrade route from 12.04 -> 14.04 using Juju


12.04 and 14.04 support
Icehouse support

Openstack projects not already in the Ubuntu Archive.


The OpenStack charms for deploying OpenStack on Ubuntu using Juju have been updated to support the new Icehouse release. In addition, new charms to support deployment of Ceilometer and Heat are now avaliable in the Charm Store.

The OpenStack charms now support use of Postgresql as an alternative database backend.


Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-13.11:
[yolanda.robla] Charm Heat: DONE
[james-page] Complete charms for ceilometer: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.12:
[james-page] Bundles for OpenStack: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-14.04-alpha-2:
[james-page] Switch to ML2 plugin by default for neutron: DONE

Work items:
[yolanda.robla] Active/active rabbitmq across openstack charms: DONE
[yolanda.robla] VMWare virt type on nova-compute (pending NVP test): POSTPONED
[teknico] Simplestreams image sync charm: POSTPONED
[james-page] Add multiple backend support to cinder: DONE
[james-page] Refactor ceph cinder integration as backend subordinate: DONE
Write vmware storage backend subordinate: POSTPONED
[james-page] Add metering support to quantum-gateway charm: DONE
[yolanda.robla] postgresql support across all openstack charms: DONE
[yolanda.robla] Update glance/cinder to use alternatives for ceph configuration file (mps sent): DONE
General review/update of API versions across all charms: DONE
[ivoks] (+ james-page) keystone redux + unit testing: DONE
swift-proxy unit testing: POSTPONED
nova-compute unit testing: POSTPONED
nova-cloud-controller unit testing: POSTPONED
General improvements in HA Cluster configuration across charms: DONE
HA cluster in-depth monitoring: POSTPONED
Review multiple network support across charms: POSTPONED
SSL support in ceilometer: DONE
SSL support in heat: POSTPONED
Split neutron API from nova-cloud-controller: POSTPONED
Refactor openvswitch l2 agent into subordinate: POSTPONED
Ephemeral ceph backend for nova-compute: POSTPONED
Cells support for Nova: POSTPONED
Spice/VNC support in nova charms: POSTPONED
Multi-hypervisor support in nova charms: POSTPONED
Charm developer documentation: POSTPONED
Charm template for charm-tools: POSTPONED
Nagios nrpe sub-ordinate support for OpenStack charms: POSTPONED
[yolanda.robla] Remote syslog support for OpenStack charms: DONE

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