General Server work for Artful Release

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General Server work for Artful Release

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- After we evaluated number and status of dep8 tests on server packages last cycle we can do the next step. In the zesty cycle we already added a few bigger ones where they were missing (tgt, multipath, lvm2, ...) and worked on fixing many more of them (squid, libvirt, ...) that were all too brittle. But we could still get a lot better - the mindset has to shift back from dep8 being a burden to helping to ensure quality; Therefore a good optional target for each of us should be to at least fix or add one good dep8 test each cycle.

--- old content copy of last cycle below ---
- add at least one more dep8 test to each of the server seed packages: RFC
 (jgrimm) nice idea, maybe first do an audit of where we are at today.
- fixing, fixing, fixing to get number of triaged and considered valid open bugs to stabilize as we track them: RFC
 (jgrimm) implicitly part of our job to drive this down. I'm open to a specific goal, or better tracking, or. again maybe we start with analysis of where we are at today, and set some goals..
 (paelzer) I think the bug triage duty tracking we currently have is good, for this cycle we have to clear all old missing triage times and then the first target IMHO would be to achieve to stabilize the number of open-agreed-to-be-a-real-issue (read =server subscribed). It is rising ever since we track it that way, the velocity of new issues and velocity of fixing them has to become even or Quality and Quality perception will get worse.
- (smoser) no more systemctl status == 'degraded' (LP: #1576341)
Orphans in Debian status (e.g. quagga atm): TODO
Investigate heimdal - Debian to move away from: TODO
Investigate seed of sysstat: TODO
Investigate NTPSEC, Kea, other next gen services (maybe 18.04 plans): TODO
[powersj] Server ISO seed/tasksel evaluation:


Work Items

Work items:
[nacc] Add secureboot support for kdump-tools : INPROGRESS
[nacc] python-django merge (LP: #1605278): INPROGRESS
[dpbennett] python-boto merge (in proposed; failing in autopkgtest): TODO
[paelzer] MIR python-pyelftools (LP: #1630073) for DPDK (I got Debian to demote to a suggests, not more important): POSTPONED
[powersj] MIR & seed htop (LP: #1644364): INPROGRESS
[powersj] Document SRU policy/testing for cloud-init: TODO
Add "secrets service" feature to sssd (see LP: #1638957): BLOCKED
Land nss (in proposed; blocked by LP: #1662654): BLOCKED
[racb] MIR or otherwise resolve parallax (LP: #1653959): BLOCKED
[paelzer] merge exim4: DONE
[paelzer] merge ntp: DONE
[paelzer] merge dovecot: DONE
[paelzer] merge strongswan: DONE
[paelzer] re-merge strongswan (CVEs): DONE
[paelzer] merge multipath-tools (might be done by cyphermox): TODO
[paelzer] libvirt delta reduction: INPROGRESS
[paelzer] merge libvirt: TODO
[paelzer] merge qemu: TODO
[paelzer] DPDK backports to support Cavium into deb_dpdk 16.11.x: DONE
[paelzer] sync new DPDK 16.11.1-X from Debian: TODO
[paelzer] Openvswitch-DPDK enable arm64 (LP: #1691658)(LP: #1691659): INPROGRESS
[paelzer] DPDK 16.11.2 into Debian/deb_dpdk + sync to AA (not yet released): BLOCKED
[smb] merge xen: TODO
[nacc] PHP7.0 merge (LP: #1686235): DONE
[nacc] PHP7.0 SRU (LP: #1663081): DONE
[nacc] PHP7.1 transition (LP: #1667834): DONE
[nacc] Remove PHP7.0: DONE
[nacc] dlm -> dlm-controld transition (will need to be kept through 18.04 for LTS upgraders) (LP: #1669133): DONE
[nacc] nvestigate apache2 http2 readiness/stability (LP: #1658469): DONE
[nacc] apache2 merge (needs MIR): BLOCKED
[nacc] nghttp2 MIR (LP: #1687454): INPROGRESS
tomcat 8.5 transition (LP: #166265, upstream not ready): BLOCKED
[nacc] seabios merge: DONE
[nacc] ocfs2-tools merge: DONE
[nacc] unbound merge: DONE
[nacc] heimdal sync: DONE
[nacc] openipmi merge: DONE
[nacc] lvm2 merge: DONE
[nacc] open-iscsi merge (needs MIR): BLOCKED
[nacc] open-isns MIR (LP: #1689963): INPROGRESS

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