Update OpenMPI to the 1.5 version with ARM support

Registered by Robbie Williamson

The latest version of OpenMPI (1.5) has updates for ARM server support.
 We need figure out if it's possible to either replace this with the 1.4 version in universe, or introduce a new 1.5 package for those who need it.

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Antonio Rosales
Ubuntu Server
Needs approval
Robie Basak
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Accepted for precise
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milestone icon ubuntu-12.04-beta-2
Started by
James Page
Completed by
Antonio Rosales

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Note: FFe for Precise OpenMPI 1.5 accepted per https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openmpi/+bug/889644

Nothing to discuss, we just either update the existing one or add another package version into the archive. -robbie.w
Added a bug task to track activity. -- Daviey

There seems to have been some rudimentary support for ARM added in the past (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openmpi/+bug/438433). What exactly is the functionality/use case that we need to add, and how would I verify that it is complete? --rbasak

rbasak, lets discuss it in a regular meeting - can you raise it please? Thanks -- Daviey

<janimo> rbasak, does openmpi 1.5 have features you want for server? The BP is not clear about whether you want to replace 1.4 or have both versions (1.5 is labeled beta by upstream)
<janimo> since if you want 1.5 arm FTBFS should not be a blocker and we should have it synced from experimental so it gets enough testing

Work Items:
decide if we want to have 2 versions in universe, i.e. -stable and -feature: DONE
sync 1.5 version package from Debian experimental: POSTPONED
Prepare 1.5 package for upload to the archive: DONE
Upload 1.5 package to the archive: DONE


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