Juju Roadmap for 12.04

Registered by Robbie Williamson

Presentation and discussion of the features and fixes the Juju team intends to deliver for the Ubuntu 12.04LTS release


Work Items:
Bug #897645 juju should support an apt proxy or alternate mirror for private clouds: POSTPONED
Bug #900227 guarantee start hook execution on machine boot: POSTPONED
Bug #893332 Watches are needed for changes to subordinate services: POSTPONED
Bug #872264 stop hook does not fire when units removed from service: POSTPONED
Bug #864164 Must complain if charm hooks aren't executable: POSTPONED

Session notes:


 - Survive zookeeper reboots, transient network failures, bug fixes, etc.
 - user experience work around the cli.

CO-LOCATION / Master-Slave
 - deploying additional services into an existing service unit container, ie logging, monitoring, additional config management.

 Charm Store and Client Integration

Placement / Resource Constraints

 - Specify resource constraints utilized when allocating/acquiring a machine. ie. deploy hadoop with 16gb of ram. Deploy a unit of mongodb in a different data center. Deploy a unit of a service along side an existing (not in the same container).

 External Zookeeper option for HA for 12.04

 juju add-machine for standby machines ready to do service/unit deployments

 REST API (nice to have, will definitely happen, unsure for 12.04)

  - Start using blue prints
  - final roadmap to the list

This doesn't yet seem drafted? -- Daviey

We need to translate the juju project blueprints[1] into workitems -- Robbie
[1] https://blueprints.launchpad.net/juju

Linked bugs that correspond to the feature work outlined above --Robbie


Work Items

Dependency tree

* Blueprints in grey have been implemented.