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Openstack has been in Ubuntu for 3 releases now and is established and stable. Folsom is the next release of Openstack and Ubuntu should have this release as well.


Include the Folsom release in Ubuntu 12.10.

Blueprint information

Dave Walker
Ubuntu Server
Chuck Short
Series goal:
Accepted for quantal
Beta Available
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-12.10-beta-2
Started by
Kate Stewart
Completed by
James Page

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UDS Discussion Points:

#uds-q #servercloud #openstack-folsom
* Nova
  - Quantal - Folsom
  - Precise - Essex SRU/Folsom
  - Move configuration file to config object model
  - MIR libgutestfs
  - Improve XCP support
- ha support
- cinder + python-cinderclient
- review upstart jobs
 api ssl support
 - ceph support (RBD support for cinder)
 - Investigate live migration configuration

* Glance
  - Quantal - Folsom
  - Precise - Essex SRU/Folsom
  - review upstart jobs
  - Ceph integration
  - Include python-sendfile (new mir)
  - Include python-glanceclient
* Keystone
  - Quantal - Folsom
  - Precise - Essex SRU/Folsom
  - review upstart jobs
  - review deps

* Horizon
  - Quantal - Folsom
  - Precise - Essex SRU/Folsomu├»
  - Django 1.4

* Swift
  - Quantal - Folsom
  - Precise - Essex/Folsom
  - Package openstack-nose
* Quantum
  - Quantal - Folsom
  - Precise - Essex SRU/Folsom
  - Improve packaging
  - Inclusion into main

* Cinder
 - Lands Folsom 2

* Other
- Package openstack client
- Package cinder (if done by folsom2)
- openstack-common
- MIR for openvswitch
- Lots of upstream bug fixing and code contrbutions
- Metering support
- Finish off ARM support
  - KVM on ARM? Not this cycle...?
- LXC bug fixing
* public glance server:
   * upstream blueprint:
   * integration into ubuntu
* config drive:
  * upstream blueprint:
* Includes integration of Quantum: packaging, testing, and charms
* Sync'ing packaging: Better collaboration with Debian
* Sync with upstream re: fate of openstack-ppa
*Implementing new config option inside nova.conf ( -- (not needed anymore)
mailing list discussion about swift middelware auth:
Where does Keystone middleware for Swift belong?

User Stories

Fred is a developer who wants to develop locally on his EC2 compatible cloud before his application on Amazon.
Dave is a system administrator who wants to virtualize his servers using a private cloud.


- Openstack projects that are in main are nova, glance, keystone, glance, horizon, swift, quantum and cinder.
- New packages in the archive include openstackclient and celiometer.
- ARM will be a first class citizen.

Test Cases:

1. Upgrade

Test upgrades from essex.

2. Charms

Update charms to support folsom.

3. New installs

A user is able to install Openstack with a problem

Release Note:

Ubuntu 12.10 includes the folsom release of Openstack. Openstack projects supported in 12.10 include: nova, glance, swift, keystone, horizon, and quantam.


Work Items

Work items:
[zulcss] Package nova for folsom: DONE
[zulcss] Package swift for folsom: DONE
[zulcss] Package horizon for folsom: DONE
[zulcss] Package keystone for folsom: DONE
[zulcss] Package glance for folsom: DONE
[zulcss] Package quantum for folsom: DONE
[zulcss] Package python-glanceclient: DONE
MIR for quantum: DONE
MIR for libguestfs: POSTPONED
MIR for python-sendfile: POSTPONED
MIR for openvswitch: DONE
Evaluate and package cinder for universe: DONE
Evaluate and package openstackclient for universe: POSTPONED
Evaluate and package ceilometer for universe: DONE
Evaluate and package openstack-docs for universe: DONE
[zulcss] Move nova configuration file to config object model: DONE
Review upstart jobs for nova, swift, glance, quantum: DONE
Write Hetrogenous scheduler for ARM: DONE
Write instance architecture detection: DONE
Add ceph support for nova volumes: DONE
Add ceph support for glance: DONE
Add SSL support fo nova api: POSTPONED
[smoser] upstream changes for config drive spec: DONE
pull upstream config drive changes to ubuntu: DONE
[smoser] upstream changes for public glance spec: POSTPONED
pull upstream glance changes for public glance to ubuntu: POSTPONED
[darkmuggle-deactivatedaccount] public glance server / POSTPONED listed by default in packages: POSTPONED

Dependency tree

* Blueprints in grey have been implemented.