PowerNap integration into OpenCompute

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The Open Compute Project specification has the ability to S3 (suspend to ram) servers. By doing so, we can effectively use PowerNap to suspend servers when they are not being in use, leading to great power saving features.

The OCP, has an interest in having the ability to use PowerNap for such purpose.

Ensure PowerNap works with OpenCompute HW.

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Dave Walker
Ubuntu Server
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Andres Rodriguez
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Accepted for quantal
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milestone icon ubuntu-12.10
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Andres Rodriguez

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UDS Discussion Points:

Capability of S3 suspend in OCP
 (current state)
Neet to communicate / articulate S3 importance to the Hardware Management and Mobo track.

 1a. Make sure functionality that is needed by PowerNap is in OCP
 1b. Make sure that PowerNap supports OCP monitors / etc
 2. Make PowerNap part of the required specification
 3. Software
     - Authenticated/encrypted packet over a network to pass a power comand.
     - Server side - Monitor to wakeup certain disks based on jobs.
     - PowerWake - IPMI support.

User Stories:

Frank wants to be able to take advantage of the OCP hardware power savings features by making use of S3. PowerNap provides a framework for which it can effectively monitor various aspects of the machine (in userspace) and determine when the machine is not utilized.

By making use of PowerNap, Frank will be able to obtain power savings by using S3 on his servers, when these are not being in use as determined by PowerNap, and will be able to wake them up on demand.


- OCP Provides HW that supports S3
- OCP Has provided the functionality needed by PowerNap
- OCP provides HW to test PowerNap functionality.

Test Plan:

 - Install PowerNap in OCP hardware and make sure it works as expected.

Is the Work Items definition complete? -- Daviey
For now yes, after more investigation for OCP, might have to add WI -- Andres.
[18-Sep-2012] Confirmed with Scott Moser to post pone work items --- a.rosales


Work Items

Work items:
[andreserl] Include ipmi support for powerwake (various config options): POSTPONED
[andreserl] Try powernap on OCP HW: POSTPONED
[andreserl] support on-demand wake up for OCP (wake-up agent): POSTPONED
[andreserl] Investigate integrating into OpenStack: POSTPONED

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