Promote Apache Tomcat 7 to main

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Apache Tomcat 7 has been in the Ubuntu archive for two releases now and is established and stable.

Debian are planning to drop Apache Tomcat 6 from squeeze in favour of maintaining a single tomcat version.

Ubuntu should do the same.

Transition users to a Canonical supported Tomcat 7 and drop Tomcat 6 from the archive.

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Antonio Rosales
Ubuntu Server
James Page
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Accepted for quantal
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-12.10-beta-1
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James Page
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James Page


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User Stories:

Frank has been using the Ubuntu provided/Canonical supported tomcat6 package for the last couple of years but he now has a requirement to deploy applications on Tomcat 7 whilst still ensuring his environment is kept up-to-date and secure. By deploying Ubuntu 12.10 he can a) easily transition his existing Tomcat 6 environments and b) support new Tomcat 7 requirements.


- tomcat7 package should provide a suitable transition path from tomcat6.
- tomcat7 does not introduce any new significant dependency requirements.
- Reverse-Depends on tomcat6 can be transitioned to use tomcat7.
- libservlet2.5-java packages will be retained in some form for source compat.
- tomcat6 will be dropped from the archive, not deprecated (TBD at beta-1).

Test Plan:

1) Upgrade Path

Installed Ubuntu 12.04 with tomcat6; upgrade to Ubuntu 12.10; tomcat6 is replaced with tomcat7 and all web applications and configuration is transitioned to the new package locations.

2) Charm

Juju charm for tomcat will not support tomcat6 for Ubuntu 12.10. tomcat7 will be deployed as the only option. Successful charm testing of the tomcat7 charm.

3) New Install

A user is able to select the 'Tomcat' task selection from the Ubuntu Server ISO and post reboot has a working tomcat7 deployment. Automated ISO testing will also validate this against every daily image.

Release Note:
Ubuntu 12.10 provides Apache Tomcat 7 as the default, supported version of Tomcat. Existing installations of tomcat6 will continue to function; its recommended that users upgrade to the tomcat7 package as soon as possible.


Work Items

Work items for quantal-alpha-3:
[james-page] Update tomcat-server seed to use tomcat7: DONE
[james-page] Review and update tomcat server test case: DONE
[james-page] Raise MIR for tomcat7: DONE
[james-page] Transition servlet2.5 dependencies in main to 3.0: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-12.10-beta-1:
[james-page] Update packaging to use upstart: POSTPONED
[james-page] Review upgrade path from tomcat6->tomcat7: POSTPONED
[james-page] Request removal of tomcat6 from archive: POSTPONED

Work items for ubuntu-12.10:
[negronjl] Update tomcat(7) charm to accomodate changes during quantal dev cycle: DONE

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