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Include MongoDB in Ubuntu main for 13.10

MongoDB is becoming a popular core technology for Ubuntu Server, both in its own right as a scalable, nosql database to support massive data storage, and as a supporting technology for two other key projects; OpenStack Ceilometer and Juju.

Both Ceilometer and Juju will most likely be included in Ubuntu main for Saucy so I'm proposing that we review MongoDB with the intent of including it in Ubuntu main as well, where it will receive the full attention of the Ubuntu Security Team for security updates and have increased focus from the Ubuntu Server Team for important bug fixes etc...

For Saucy, this would mean supporting the shipped release of MongoDB (probably 2.4.x) for 9 months; this gets more challenging for 14.04 where the support lifetime of the release is 5 years (with at least two years of aggressive security and functional bug fixes to get people to 16.04). We should apply for a minor release exception from the technical board so we can ship point releases from upstream during the lifetime of 13.10 and 14.04.

We should also look at improving the support for non-x86 architectures; specifically armhf which will be important for Ubuntu Server in hyperscale ARM server deployments. This work would be upstreamed where possible.

I'd also like to see if we can work with 10gen on the MongoDB license to allow us to enable SSL support in MongoDB upstream in Debian (and in other distros). This will allow us to decrease the packaging delta between Ubuntu and Debian.

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Dave Walker
Ubuntu Server
James Page
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Accepted for saucy
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Frank wants to start monitoring his fully security supports OpenStack implementation using Ceilometer and MongoDB; he's able todo this using Ubuntu Saucy (and the Cloud Archive for Havana).

Toby has a requirement for large, nosql document based storage; he selects MongoDB as its fully supported in Ubuntu for Ubuntu 13.10 (and he can then upgrade to the next LTS when it arrives and maintain this status).

MongoDB upstream (10gen) are able/want to support MongoDB for the duration of an LTS release (5 years).

Version of mongodb becomes obsolete to fast, making backporting of critical and security fixes to hard.

MongoDB and dependencies (libev).
Resolve OpenSSL licence compat issues.



Ubuntu 13.10 includes MongoDB, the massively scalable, nosql database, as a fully Canonical supported package.



Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-13.06:
[james-page] Update to latest stable MongoDB release: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.08:
[james-page] Update to latest stable MongoDB release: DONE
[james-page] DEP-8 tests for MongoDB: DONE
[james-page] Resync packaging with Debian: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.09:
Include mongodb in the cloud-tools and havana pockets of the cloud-archive (0.5): DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.10:
[james-page] work with upstream to evaluate MongoDB for main inclusion (~): POSTPONED
[james-page] MIR for MongoDB and dependencies (~): POSTPONED
[james-page] Resolve OpenSSL licensing issues with upstream: DONE
[james-page] MRE for MongoDB (0.5): POSTPONED

Work items:
[racb] Complete and feed arm porting work back upstream: POSTPONED
[racb] Review memcpy hack in deserialization code prior to upstream submission: POSTPONED
[racb] work with Jon Masters for Atomic operations patch review -> upstream: POSTPONED

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