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Ensure that Openstack remains well support for Ubuntu 13.10 and for 12.04 via the Cloud Archive.

Openstack has been in Ubuntu for 5 releases now and is established and stable. Havana is the next release of Openstack and Ubuntu should have this release as well.

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Dave Walker
Ubuntu Server
Chuck Short
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Accepted for saucy
Good progress
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milestone icon ubuntu-13.10
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Dave Walker

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Fred is a developer who wants to develop locally on his EC2 compatible cloud before he moves his application to Amazon EC2. He is running Ubuntu 12.04 able to deploy Openstack locally on his laptop using LXC containers via the Ubuntu Cloud Archive.

Dave is a system administrator who wants to migrate his vmware infrastructure to use Openstack. He wants to use Ubuntu on the compute nodes to manage his vmware hypervisor.

Super Global Hyper Megamart is a telco that wants to bring their private cloud solution to their customers. They will use XenServer and Ubuntu 12.04 for their compute nodes.

Server QA lab will be virtualized using OpenStack supporting regular testing activities.

Upgrading Openstack from folsom to grizzly might cause Openstack being unstable.

* Packaging Openstack for Havana
* MIR requests for new dependencies

Multi-node testing of openstack on a regular basis using Juju charms.

Ubuntu 13.10 provides Openstack "havana" the latest and greatest from the Openstack project.


Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-13.08:
MIR python-pecan: DONE
MIR python-happybase: DONE
Package HEAT: DONE
Automated compression of JS: DONE
Look at adding python3 support: DONE
[andreserl] Python3 support for python-simplejson: DONE
nova dep8 tests: DONE
glance dep8 tests: DONE
keystone dep8 tests: DONE
horizon dep8 tests: DONE
quantum dep8 tests: DONE
novaclient dep8 tests: DONE
glanceclient dep8 tests: DONE
keystoneclient dep8 tests: DONE
quantumclient dep8 tests: DONE
Package tempest: DONE
Rename quantum: DONE
Move packaging to ubuntu-server-dev: DONE
Update d/control files for new VCS: DONE
Update d/control Maintainers: DONE
Qemu -> Havana Cloud Archive: DONE
OpenvSwitch -> Havana Cloud Archive: DONE
Track quantum rename: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.09:
Native LXC support(15): DONE
Mongodb -> Havana Cloud Archive(.25): DONE
Review of Dependencies for 3rd-party plugins(.25): DONE
General refactor of compute package for easy non-libvirt compute flavor(1): POSTPONED
Add vsphere support for packages(.25): POSTPONED
Refactor cinder-volume for better backend support(1): POSTPONED
Confirm tab completion in all clients(.25): DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.10:
Package Openstack havana for 12.04 and 13.10: DONE
Track status of Ironic incubation vs core status: DONE
Python3 support: DONE
MIR conntrack(.25): TODO
file 'SRU openstack havana' bug (.5): DONE

Work items:
Add zeromq support to the package: POSTPONED
Add better quantum integration for plugins: POSTPONED
Automatic population of glance with Ubuntu images: TODO
Contribure to upstream documentation for Ubuntu: POSTPONED
Review documentation ( and merge as appropriate(1): TODO

Dependency tree

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