OpenStack Charm work for Utopic

Registered by James Page

The OpenStack charms are the preferred way to delivery OpenStack on Ubuntu.

Updates for Juno release
Neutron refactoring/split
Multiple network support
VMware support
POWER support

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Patricia Gaughen
Ubuntu Server
James Page
Series goal:
Accepted for utopic
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milestone icon ubuntu-14.10
Started by
James Page
Completed by
James Page


Tobias wants to add support for a new Neutron plugin to the OpenStack charms; he's able to quickly and easily add this by writing a new subordinate for L2 management.

James is completely paranoid about regressing functionality in the OpenStack charms during development - he can sleep sound knowing that all charms have amulet and bundle tests!

Jane has an existing vSphere deployment; she's able to deploy OpenStack ontop of vSphere using a few manually created VM's using the manual provider and the OpenStack charms so that her users can consume compute and block storage services from the underlying vSphere cloud - inception FTW!

Greg works in a big POWER shop; he's able to deploy OpenStack with Ubuntu and Charm making use of his big-iron servers for hypervisors (yes - even without Ubuntu on them).

Tina wants to write a new openstack charm; she gets started by typing:

   charm create -t openstack

and it has all the standard scaffolding that the openstack-charmers team likes to see!


Regression in functionality - /next branch approach should help mitigate this.

All charms owned by the openstack-charmers team.

Execution of tests on a per-commit/merge basis.
Regular testing.
(the above covered elsewhere)

Use cases can be fulfilled using the OpenStack charms and associated tooling.



Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-14.05:
[gnuoy] charm-helpers unit testing: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-14.06:
[mikemc] Simplestreams image sync charm: DONE
[niedbalski] swift-storage block device persistence through reboots: DONE
[gnuoy] Split neutron API from nova-cloud-controller: DONE
[gnuoy] New neutron-openvswitch subordinate charm: DONE
[corey.bryant] amulet testing approach for openstack charms: DONE
[james-page] network reference architecture for openstack charms: DONE
[james-page] nova-compute-vmware charm: DONE
[james-page] cinder-vmware charm: DONE
[zulcss] nova-compute-power charm: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-14.07:
[corey.bryant] amulet tests -> keystone: DONE
[corey.bryant] amulet tests -> quantum-gateway: DONE
[1chb1n] amulet tests -> glance: DONE
[corey.bryant] amulet tests -> nova-compute: DONE
[corey.bryant] amulet tests -> nova-cloud-controller: DONE
[corey.bryant] amulet tests -> swift-proxy, swift-storage: DONE
[james-page] Multiple network support across openstack charms: DONE
Backport haproxy 1.5.x to trusty: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-14.09:
[james-page] HTTPS support with network-split configurations: DONE
[james-page] hacluster charm updates to support reconfiguration: DONE
amulet tests -> cinder: DONE
[corey.bryant] amulet tests -> ceph-*: DONE
[james-page] Updates to neutron charms for hyper-v integration: DONE
[xianghui] Add IPv6 support to the charms: DONE
Enable haproxy backport for 14.04 (supporting IPv6 backends + TLS): DONE

Work items:
[james-page] nvp-transport-node -> nsx-transport-node rename: POSTPONED
worker configuration - cinder, glance, keystone, neutron-api: DONE
juno release review across openstack charms: DONE
Add support to mysql charm for network-splits: POSTPONED
Add support to heat charm for network-splits: POSTPONED
Add support to mongodb charm for network-splits: POSTPONED
[james-page] Charm developer documentation: POSTPONED
[james-page] Charm template for charm-tools: POSTPONED
swift-proxy unit testing: POSTPONED
nova-compute unit testing: POSTPONED
nova-cloud-controller unit testing: POSTPONED
HA cluster in-depth monitoring: POSTPONED
[hopem] Ephemeral ceph backend for nova-compute: POSTPONED
[gnuoy] Spice/VNC support in nova charms: DONE
Nagios nrpe sub-ordinate support for OpenStack charms: POSTPONED
(stretch) MS-SQLServer as a backend for OpenStack: POSTPONED
[corey.bryant] keystone deploy from git: POSTPONED
make openstack-charm-testing a project: DONE
create an automated report to show when Precise and Trusty trunks are out of sync: POSTPONED

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