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During the install off a live CD, there is a long wait during which the user can explore the live Ubuntu desktop. But many users simply wait for the copy and fix-up to complete, during which they see a nice progress bar. We would like to offer those users a nice slide show, which could exhibit some of the exciting features of the new OS they are installing.

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Colin Watson
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Accepted for karmic
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milestone icon karmic-alpha-6
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Colin Watson
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Robbie Williamson


2009-06-25 robbie.w: Setting the milestone to Alpha 6, as the UserInterfaceFreeze is the week before.

Looks OK to me. -- smurf

Approved -mdz, 2006-11-09

I'm poking at this with a detached program written in Python, with SVG graphics for the slides. This should be more appealing to artists, being a very rich / creative format, and also easy enough to generate translations without too much overhead.
Currently using the following on Launchpad for that tinkering:

Should this perhaps be retargeted to Ubiquity?
--Dylan McCall

2009-01-07 cjwatson: Ubuntu is the proper place for this specification; we only really use the ubiquity project on Launchpad for code hosting.

2009-04-23 flyingstar16: is it me, or it does look like a Windows installation? I think some users may be bothered with this similarity...

2004-04-23 dylanmccall: Not at all, flyingstar16! At least, it doesn't have to be. The thing I, err, Should Be working on was taking a very distinct approach. Where Windows' system setup slideshow is about selling the product (for no obvious reason), we can use this as an opportunity to show new users around the system they now have. A great way to enhance usability by, for example, saying how to install software so nobody tries doing it the ugly way :)


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