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Replace alacarte by Arronax http://bit.ly/XJBYpM

Questions for Stephane LETZ, jackdmp contributor -> http://lite.framapad.org/p/5n3kYagDQA

Would it be interessant to create a non profit structure for Ubuntu Studio, like some LoCo team do ? For example, the french LoCo Team is an "Association loi 1901" non profit organisation in french law terms. This allow them to organize events, sell merchandise, collect donations, etc... and pay for the hosting of ubuntu-fr.org. All in a legal way.

For the last point, maybe it is because in Grub the more recent kernel is set to be the default. Instead of that, I suggest changing the default grub2 setup so:
 - it would show the menu at every startup for 10sec
 - it would be configured to save the choice of kernel for startup

For Grub, here is an idea of behaviour and setup:

An other Idea would be to have a menu like that:
| Ubuntu (-> latest generic kernel)
| Ubuntu Lowlatency (-> latest lowlatency kernel)
| All kernels (-> open a new menu with the list of all available kernels)
| Other systems (if any)
| - OS 1
| - OS2
| - etc...

It means: grub2 menu is displayed for ten second at every startup. It will save the kernel choice as default boot for next times. Even a new kernel install will not change the one saved. With this Grub configuration and this menu, users are sure to always use the kernel of their choice (latest generic, latest lowlatency, any specific kernel they want, or even any other OS).


Work Items

Work items:
[zequence] Decide how to handle ubuntustudio-bugs team and mail list: DONE
[zequence] lowlatency kernel - finish coordination with UKT and start maintaining it: DONE
[ubuntustudio-dev] start having meetings: POSTPONED
[ubuntustudio-dev] "support" sub-menu in the desktop main menu (VERIFY THIS ISN'T DONE ALREADY OR FLESH IT OUT MORE): DONE
[ubuntustudio-dev] multihead - improve the persistance or document how to fix it: POSTPONED
[ubuntustudio-dev] website - add a "want to help us develop ubuntu studio?" page: DONE
[slavender] website - decide if news feed should be added to landing page. the answer is yes: DONE
[slavender] website - get news feed added to landing page. talk to knome. Now exists on sidebar: DONE
[slavender] release notes - decide if we want to include the release notes on the image, if so then make it happen - NO, not this cycle: DONE
[ubuntustudio-dev] Find out if/why -generic gets installed when not chosen specifically, and see about making sure it doesn't: POSTPONED
[ubuntustudio-dev] Discuss how exactly we want the grub menu to look like so we can coodinate with other teams who want to change things.: POSTPONED
[ubuntustudio-dev] Change the grub menu back to default (show full list of kernels): POSTPONED
[ubuntustudio-dev] Make sure GRUB menu shows for 10 sec by default: POSTPONED
[ubuntustudio-dev] How do we change fonts (like system wide) - do we have a tool? If not, add one: POSTPONED

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