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In Natty I want us to review and improve the very first pages we point prospective community members to. Some of this work was started by Chris Johnson in Maverick, and I would like to see it completed in Natty.

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Jono Bacon
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Jorge Castro
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What are our actual problems?
- existing landing page ( http://www.ubuntu.com/community ) is a "grid of fail".
- this might be a sociological problem, not technology. one story of becoming a DD by finding a mentor/partner, not reading some landing page
- is the problem a landing page? what happens on day 2, *after* you've found the page?

"The project is attractive, but the personal connection you make is what *really* draws you in."

- Examples that are better, uds.ubuntu.com, unity.ubuntu.com, http://www.mozilla.org/contribute/ ('Time Available')
http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Easy_Hacks <--- NOT THIS (OMG!!)
- Vertical graphic space is too huge.
- Personal action page could be good "I can code" then it shows you what you can possible do.
- Needs to be revisited all the time to make sure it doesn't turn into a long mess.

geolocation magic?
- issue: not every LoCo team maps to a city; some map to a country
- Sample API: http://code.google.com/apis/ajax/documentation/#ClientLocation

Cheat sheet / talking points memo for community members to help interested newbies?
Can we garden / prune old content? Either kill it completely or provide redirects, etc.

* note: consider including an item about the Beginners Team to the page if the person wants a more hands-on personal guide to becoming involved in the community.

Work items for natty-alpha-1:
[jonobacon] Ping web team on what expecations we can have for implementation: TODO

Work items for natty-alpha-2:
[jorge] Investigate other landing pages from projects that do it right: TODO
[jorge] Grab as many ideas from the mozilla page as make sense. (this one seems the best so far): TODO

Work items for natty-alpha-3:
[jorge] Implement role based tasks: TODO
[jorge] Implement time based tasks: TODO

Work Items for ubuntu-11.04-beta:

Work Items:
[chrisjohnston] volunteered for getting static content onto a new page: TODO
[melissa] Content review for everything Chris and Jorge are doing: TODO
[magicfab] Evangelize getting new people looking at content: TODO
[svwilliams] Evangelize getting new people looking at content. (edit - I am new :-) so I can help evaluate content, in addition to finding new people to look at the content which I'll also gladly do): TODO
[magicfab] Investigate geolocation for browser<->locoteam connections. (OSM people?): TODO
[magicfab] Investigate Webchat integration.: TODO
[someone] Implement this: TODO


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