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This session will discuss the businesses related to the images of UbuntuKylin. As a Chinese flavor, we want it supports more architectures and Chinese language better.

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1. image for other architectures (e.g., arm) besides i386/amd64
  - jackyu is interested in ARM

a. why should we add other architectures? Reasons ? discuss which architecture we should add for image
b. prepare hardware for test
c. workout localization packages for these architectures
d. workout how to build image for other architectures
e. make sure if other architectures has the same process as i386/amd64(such as installation, image building,image testing)

May 15 23:10:55 <kgunn> I would think you would want to support ARM
May 15 23:15:07 <kgunn> i assume you will want to support ubuntu touch in the near future as well
May 15 23:16:27 <liuxingapp> i think so it will support ubuntu touch ,may be develop app for ubuntu touch for chinese
May 15 23:16:49 <kgunn> today ubuntu touch development is happening on ARM
May 15 23:16:52 <kgunn> for the following devices
May 15 23:16:59 <kgunn> galaxy nexus & nexus4
May 15 23:17:05 <liuxingapp> yeah
May 15 23:17:14 <kgunn> it might be possible for you to leverage all that work (kernel/bootloader etc)
May 15 23:17:21 <kgunn> and test against those devices
May 15 23:17:41 <liuxingapp> yes test nexus4
May 15 23:17:42 <kgunn> wonder if QA team might be able to help with testing/using their infrastructure

2. Improve Ubuntu Default Settings package to customize flavors much powerfully

a. ubuntu default settings package should support more freedom localized slideshow, as this may be the bug of ubuntu-defaults-builder package, improve this package or else
  - slideshow is not flexible, can't change name and can't change the number of slideshows

b. Default Settings package should support customization for different flavors, for example, unity now only supports show "ubuntu desktop" at left of panel, for many localization team, they can not change it, so localization is not entirely.

c. other places that show “ubuntu”, we should discuss if we should change it, for users they'll think the localization is not entirely
  - "ubuntu desktop" string can't be customized for other flavors
  - difficult to have a global way to change all strings from ubuntu to ubuntukylin all at once.
  - suggest to file bugs/post to ubuntu-devel mailing list

3) Imporve Chinese language supporting packages
a. the language of some package(or some part of this package) in the image is still English, what can we do to improve this?
  - priority - most used app/package, ex: power mgmt dialog (shutdown, reboot),


Work Items

Work items:
[jackyu] investigate what arch and what work to do: TODO
[jackyu] file bugs to ubuntu-defaults-settings for changes/enhancements we want to see: TODO
[jackyu] file bugs to unity and related packages to replace ubuntu to ubuntukylin: TODO
[jackyu] consider email ubuntu-devel mailing list for how to replace ubuntu to ubuntukylin: TODO
[maclin.jun] add ISO test cases for localization of critical UI elements: TODO
[maclin.jun] identify what applications we most care to achieve a high degree of localization: TODO
[anthonywong] provide more l10n resources to maclin and the team: DONE
[jackyu] join simplified chinese localization team: TODO

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